A Guitarist’s Guide To Overcoming Obnoxious Password Requirements


Annoyed with site’s complexity requirements?

Are the passwords “password” and “qwe123” no longer cutting it? Are websites not accepting “CorrectHorseBatteryStaple” due to lack of complexity?!?

Here’s a technique I came up with that helps me create memorable passwords that still meet obnoxious complexity requirements.

Pick your favorite guitar scale, in this example I’ll use the pentatonic scale.


From here, I imagine the keyboard as a fretboard. I will also press shift when I want to play the upper three strings.

My password is now “farw42FSRQ$!”. I usually call this good, but on some sites where I don’t want to security risk of duplicating a password, I will add the first letter of the site name. So for www.capitalone.com, my password would be “cfarw42FSRQ$!”

You can continue to apply this technique to learning songs as well. All you have to do is visualize the keyboard as a guitar fretboard. Having my password set as the crux riff to the crazy train solo helped me build the muscle memory needed to play that quickly and accurately.